P66 Slit Lamp w/ DGI
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Digital Slit 
Digital Slit Lamp enlarge
Photo taken with P66 Slit Lamp
Photo taken with P66 Slit Lamp enlage
Photo taken with P66 Slit Lamp
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Photo taken with P66 Slit Lamp
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P66 Slit Lamp

The P66 digital slit lamp was designed exclusivley for us to offer the highest resolution at at a very affordable cost. The digital components for our system also fit many of the most popular parellel optics slit lamps sold. This means if you own a Zeiss, Marco, Woodlyn or Topcon slit lamp, We can adapt those lamps with our beam splitter and Digital SLR mount.

Just like our retinal camera systems, the P66 digital adapter uses the Canon line of EOS digital cameras so upgrading and servicing of the camera is possible. The P66 slit lamp is compatable with RETINAphile software or can be used to simply display high definition images on any standard television.

  • Large view comfort eyepieces
  • Converging optics with 6x, 10x, 16x, 25x, 40x magnification
  • Continual slit-width control provides precise adjustment
  • Single-handed elevation system
  • Easy-to-reach tilt mechanism for gonioscopy
  • Dial-in and continuously variable aperature setting from 9mm to 0.2mm
  • Focusing fixation light is adjustable to each patient
  • Halogen illumination standard
  • Five built-in filters
  • Tonometer mount and Hruby lens kit included
  • High depth of field is ideal for digital and video documentation
  • Optional beamsplitter feautring an off/on prism system allows maximum illumination to the practitioned during observation and maximum illumination to the imaging system when in position
  • Dual port beamsplitter also allows for an additional video/streaming camera
  • Compatible with most Canon and Nikon Digital SLR cameras
  • Backed by the leading supplier of ophthalmic digital systems
  • Flash sync available for superb corneal documentation
  • Background illuminator available

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