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Retina Phile Software

Instruments for Vision has advanced our Image capture software into the 21st century and beyond. With the introduction of our new software comes our new name, RETINAphile XP and RETINAphile win This new generation of Ophthalmic imaging software comes with the same ease of use and support that our predecessor iMACAM had. Careful thought has been given to the features that will increase your productivity and cross training success.

  • Increased database speed and quicker patient data fields
  • Side by side comparative screens and image layover for retinal change detection and subtraction
  • 3D optic nerve capture and stereo viewing of the retina is easier than ever
  • Import various data from other instruments using our comprehensive DICOM and PDF formats
  • Experience Live view of the retina and capture without requiring 2 monitors
  • On screen digital camera settings allow for fluent transitions to FA and red free photos
  • Review photos without leaving the thumbnail screen provides quicker presentation to patients
  • Software can capture directly from retinal camera and slit lamp to allow for one database
  • No upgrade or conversion charge from iMACAM to our new RETINAphile XP version
  • Emboss feature gives a 3D effect taken with only one photo. Accurate scaled elevation and depressions can be appreciated



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