Canon DGI non-mydriatic retinal camera

This is the first HD retinal documentation system ever produced. With the release of the Canon 5D Mark ii 21 mp 1:1 chip camera, we have cornered and simplified the FA/color market.

Except for the Eyetek adapter interface, all the components of this system are consumer available and are backed by us and well known manufacturers

  • Canon-digital camera
  • Brand name computers
  • Brand name HD monitors.

RETINAphile software was designed to be the most robust and simple to use ophthalmic imaging software available. The Dual monitor system provides a monitor that instantly displays the captured image while the second HD monitor allows you to align the eye and focus for perfect pictures. This method also makes it easy to cross train techs because everyone sees what the trainer is doing.

As is true with all our Myd and non-myd systems, your system is highly servicable and upgradable as HD resolution moves further into the future.

We offer two styles of imaging solutions. The Dual monitor HD system and the Upper port eyepiece solution. If you have more than one retinal camera at different locations, you can very easly transport our upper port system with a lap top to other offices. Prices range from Under 12k for the portable system to under 15k for our HD system.
This is far less than half the price of any upgrade system sold today, and twice the resolution.

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