Canon CR5/6 12.8mp adapter
Canon CR5/6 12.8mp Adapter enlarge
Canon CR3-4 Adapter
Canon CR3-4 Adapter enlarge
New right angle adaptor
New right angle adaptor for CR3,4,5,6 enlarge
Topcon NW3-5 Adapter
Topcon NW 3-5 Adapter enlarge
Canon CR5-6 Adapter
CR5-6 Adapter enlarge
Canon CR5-6 Adapter
Canon CR5-6 Adapter enlarge
Eyetek Topcon TRC-45NM, NW2 Adapter enlarge
Eyetek Topcon 50F, 50XF 12 Megapixel Adapter enlarge
Eyetek Topcon 50VT/50X/50IA Adapter
Eyetek Topcon 50VT/50X/50IA Adapter enlarge

Canon DGI non-mydriatic retinal camera

The Eyetek line of digital upgrade adapters is a logical and affordable solution for those customers that already own a retinal camera or are considering the purchase of a used retinal camera. We have created an adapter that adds the required optics and electronics to complete the digital interface. You can expect the same results from your current camera as you would from a brand new camera or even better if your considering a budget system.

Before we entered the upgrade market we made sure we had the parts, bulbs and know how to keep your current Canon and Topcon retinal cameras working. Should you ever to decide to upgrade to a new camera, the majority of already purchased components can be moved to a new retinal camera.

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